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Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just getting your feet wet, Azuero Peninsula has consistent waves for all levels. Playa El Largarto is the spot for the beginners and Playa El Toro offers breaks for those wanting to practice some advanced moves. Other popular breaks can be found at Playa Venao, Los Destiladeros, El Ciruelo, Playa Modrono, Lagart Point and Playa Raya. Bring your own board, rent a board, or take a class with seasoned instructors found all around the area.

Whale Watching

Every year, between June and November, spectators witness the mesmerizing scene of whales who come to mate, give birth, and enjoy the warm waters. The clear water allows watchers to view a variety of whales, including humpback, blue, and beaked whales. The seasonal show is appreciated by the youngest to the oldest of trip goers.

Sport Fishing

Easily charter a fishing boat for a day trip. Seasoned fishermen view the area as a favorite playground. With a nickname like “The Tuna Coast”, it’s not surprising a great catch is almost always guaranteed. Year-round species include Grouper, Pacific Sailfish, Amberjack, and Roosterfish, among many others. Seasonal catches range from Swordfish, Marlins, Wahoos and many more. Catch your trophy for bragging rights and an unforgettable story, or simply make memories with loved ones and friends.

Horseback Riding

Unleash your inner cowboy or enjoy a leisurely stroll. Either way, horseback offers a unique way to enjoy the landscapes often missed. Tour guides offer history and facts about places as they guide you through valleys and hills before allowing you to cool off in the natural pools and beautiful waterfalls. Horseback is also an amazing way to experience more stretches of the number of beaches.

Diving and Snorkeling

Thousands of marine animals call the waters of the Azuero Peninsula home. Get an up-close and personal experience to intricate coral reefs and distinctive animals. You’ll find a variety of sea creatures, including sea turtles, fluorescent fish, stingrays, and coral reef gardens of astounding diversity. Graze the surface for a casual afternoon or dive deeper with knowledgeable guides and learn about the biodiverse marine life surrounding Panama.

Yoga and Pilates

The Azuero Peninsula is the top yoga destination in Panama! Find a relaxing spot on the beach and lay out your mat for a moment of unwinding or recharging. If a group setting is more your scene, head to a studio or hostel nearby and join in one of the many class levels and styles offered daily. We can help you help you schedule a private lesson, or contact us for schedules and locations within the area.


No sound machines needed when you have a massage so close to the beach! We can help you find a location to schedule an appointment. It may be difficult to want to leave your beachfront home, though. If that’s the case, contact us and we can help setup an in-house massage appointment. This luxury will take your relaxation to the next level.

Visit Isla Iguana

Isla Iguana is a small hotspot a short 8 km from Pedasi’s beaches. The island is home to a thriving community of wildlife and marine life. A fan favorite is the colony of curious iguanas that populate the island. Allow us to help you charter a small boat for a day of fun.

Explore the Beaches

There are so many amazing beaches! Spend a relaxing day or seek out different adventures at the beaches nearby. If you want an almost private beach, head to Playa El Ciruelo. Surfers take command of Playa El Toro with its rock bottom point break. Hang out at Playa Arenal, a popular beach among the locals and the launching point for most boats heading to Isla Iguana. It offers a sandy bottom and calm waters suitable for a relaxing afternoon enjoying the ocean.

Cañas Jungle Zipline Adventure

The ziplines can be found close to Playa Venao in Cañas. Take on the high-flying adventure as you enjoy a different view of the rainforest. The experience is one hour of adrenaline and fun.


If good food is a priority for you, then Azuero’s food scene will hit the spot. The food scene offers local and international varieties that are impressive to visitors. Quality is the main focus throughout the unique restaurants. There are options for anyone looking for a relaxing coffee, a quick bite, a romantic dinner by the sea, or a full-course dining experience. Enjoy an exquisite plate from globally recognized chefs, and then cook that self-caught tuna in the comfort of your kitchen.


Sometimes we need a little party in our lives! The mix of local and international personalities and cultures creates an unforgettable social scene. Visit us during one of the many festivals and celebrations held annually and participate in the local traditions. If your visit falls when there is no festival, don’t worry! Nearby beach clubs and restaurants have social schedules ranging from trivia and karaoke nights to all-night beach parties and concerts. Enjoy a cold drink while local and internationally recognized DJs mix the best jams. Those who want to celebrate are close to doing so, but with the privilege of returning to their peaceful rental, we provide.

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